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I'm Lisa and I am a User Experience (UX) Researcher, Strategist, and Storyteller.

I inform roadmaps, requirements, organization design, and culture. 


As a Researcher, I recommend the right data collection method for design decision-making. I've worked on a wide range of products and services from hardware modifications, heads-up display UI, smartwatch UI, to more systematic solutions such as simplifying city's permit structure, shortening the gap between customer service departments and decision-makers, or writing job descriptions so an organization can hire the skills needed. I'm a generalist who can take a holistic approach and develop a strategic point of view.

Inclusive Products​

By knowing how to design for a wide range of needs, I can help grow your user base, unlock opportunities, and mitigate risk. I've honed my skills working in Government Technology where legally (and ethically) it is required to design our products and services to serve all user needs. I have deep empathy for and have designed solutions for people that are seniors, non-banked, have low digital and language literacy, have disabilities, and caretakers.



I bring to the team deep empathy, strong communication skills, ideation energy, retrospectives, skill-sharing, and culture building. This keeps the work moving forward in a way where people can feel empowered, supported, and resilient.



I look forward to hearing about your project needs.



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