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Public TransitMobile Game

Learn the SF public transit system the fun way! This game teaches riders how to use the system in an engaging way.

Role: Designer


Analytical & Empathetic


I am passionate about UX design because it combines my problem solving analytical side with my empathy for how others experience the world.



UX & Sustainable Transportation


I believe that moving people from A to B efficiently and sustainably can be enhanced with UX strategies and I am thrilled to be working in this space. In addition to doing UX, you can find me advocating for better transportation design with the SF Bike Coalition, SPUR, TransForm, and 



The Best Way to Learn is To Teach


Throughout my career I have always taught the skills I have recently learned in tandem with my practice. I have written curriculum and taught UX Design, Mobile Web Design, Photography, and Video Production. 



UX Book Club


I truly enjoy bringing people together, so I co-organize the UX Book Club Meetup. Every month we delve into a new aspect of UX and learn from each other as we discuss applying theories in the workplace. I hope you can join in!


Jill of All Trades


My journey to UX has included front-end web design, photography, video production, journalism, teaching, entreprenuerialism, and urban planning. These experiences have fostered my skill set and fuelled my enthusiasm for UX. My liberal arts media studies training from Scripps Collete and NYU's Tisch School of the Arts laid a wonderful groundwork for working in UX. 


When I'm not doing UX... 


...I love to travel the world and check out their transportation UX practices. I also play strategy board games like Dominion, hike the many hidden SF staircases, and add tech gadgets to my bike.

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