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Greenfield Labs is Ford's Innovation Lab created by IDEO where we identify needs and design mobility  products and services for the future.

Role: User Experience Researcher

  • Created a design research testbed shuttle line to user test 20+ prototypes ranging from vehicular to digital to business services. In particular we designed an In-Vehicle Screen Display we built with Panasonic. The original 6 month project with an operating budget of $100,000+ was extended and continues today. 

  • Led user research on Chariot’s first business to government microtransit pilot to identify opportunities and iterate on the service and prioritize technology features. 

  • Designed a government title 6 approved highly inclusive rider app to serve all user types.

  • Crafted a test plan gauging the interoperability of the rider app, driver app, dispatch tools. 

  • Conducted secondary research and interviewed peer microtransit systems to gain insights.

  • Defined what success looks like with stakeholders and set KPIs and established qualitative and quantitative data collection methods. 

  • Brought to life the Street Ranger program with Gehl Studios by curating a curriculum that engaged the community to enhance their streets in a more human-centric way. 

Greenfield Labs (Ford + IDEO)

Sharing our process

Greenfield Labs works out of the IDEO office where sharing our process and inspiring others is key to the culture.

Empathy for all demographics

What drew me to user research is the opportunity to understand how many different kinds of people live.

Warming people up to share

This is one of my most favorite immersive experiences because of how much this bus operator opened up over the course of the interview. At first he was reserved, but by the end of it he was demonstrating how everything worked and shared some of his vulnerabilities.

Educating the Dev team about UX

Everyone looks very serious in this picture but that is because they have their thinking face on :) Afterward this meeting, each of them individually came up to me to say how excited and relieved they are by the human centered perspective we are apply to the work.

Chariot Seattle

I am leading research on Chariot's first B2G (Business 2 Government) pilot. We are working with a transit agency to fill the first / last mile gaps in their system.

Testbed route

We created a shuttle route as the testbed for all of our new concepts ranging from vehicular upfitting to conceptualizing new business models.

Varying Levels of Prototype Fidelity

I was challenged to optimize how quickly riders could get in and out of the vehicle while maximizing the number of seats. We 3D printed seats to model different configurations. Next we stripped out the inside of the shuttle and put in movable chairs and tested how riders interacted with this new design.

Participatory Design

I curated the curriculum for the Street Ranger program where we taught community members ways to improve their street. This ranger is engaging in some tactical urbanism, using chalk to mark where a public bench could enhance the sidewalk to improve the lives of pedestrians.

Observing extremes: babies

To effectively provide universal design to transportation, I looked at extreme user groups to see how the system does and doesn't support their needs.

Collecting feedback

From ride-along conversations to paper flip-books to textbots, I use a range of tools be it analog or digital.

Book Club for Secondary Research

To ensure our team continues to deepen our thinking within the transportation domain I started a book club. This one in particular helped us rethink the metrics we use to track product success.

Tactical Urbanism

Interacting with the built environment.

Partnership with Gehl Studios

To bring the National Street Service to life we partnered with the most human-centric urban design firm in the world: Gehl Studios

Tactical Urbanism

Provoking mindset change and dialogue.

Studying Extremes: Babies
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