Greenfield Labs is Ford's Innovation Lab created by IDEO where we identify needs and design mobility  products and services for the future.

Role: User Experience Researcher

  • Created a design research testbed shuttle line to user test 20+ prototypes ranging from vehicular to digital to business services. In particular we designed an In-Vehicle Screen Display we built with Panasonic. The original 6 month project with an operating budget of $100,000+ was extended and continues today. 

  • Led user research on Chariot’s first business to government microtransit pilot to identify opportunities and iterate on the service and prioritize technology features. 

  • Designed a government title 6 approved highly inclusive rider app to serve all user types.

  • Crafted a test plan gauging the interoperability of the rider app, driver app, dispatch tools. 

  • Conducted secondary research and interviewed peer microtransit systems to gain insights.

  • Defined what success looks like with stakeholders and set KPIs and established qualitative and quantitative data collection methods. 

  • Brought to life the Street Ranger program with Gehl Studios by curating a curriculum that engaged the community to enhance their streets in a more human-centric way. 

Greenfield Labs (Ford + IDEO)