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TestBed Shuttle Line

Role: UX Researcher, UX Designer, and Operations

On the microtransit team at Greenfield Labs, Ford + IDEO's Design Innovation Laboratory, I helped build a testbed line for Ford's shuttle company Chariot. Imagine a usability testing room, but on wheels.


This line is where we tested our 20 concepts led the user research on our pilot first/last mile shuttle line to test our 20 concepts ranging from vehicular to digital to business services. I conducted the research, designed prototypes, and coordinated the operations of the 6 month project which had an operating budget of $100,000+. The shuttle line continues to run and is an opportunity to continue testing.


The most notable concept we tested was the In-Vehicle Screen Display we built with Panasonic. I will show you the evolution of the product through our live prototyping research methods.

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