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a Travel mobile app



  • Travelers have a difficult time finding meaningful activities that have a positive impact on the place they are visiting. 


  • Non-profits need volunteers and a place to advertise those opportunities. 





My Solution


  • Geolocation mobile app that shows traveler all the nearby opportunities for them to be involved.


  • All the relevant event details and contact information to get involved.


The travel2change app is for travelers who desire to connect with a non-profit seeking volunteers. This was a group design project made in 12 hours through the Protohack Hackathon.


Click Prototype



This design solution for the Discover page allows users to scroll through the different volunteer options and have access to all the relevant information.






Visual Mockup


We selected colors and font that were vibrant to connote the excitement and inspiration of traveling somewhere different. We selected images that captured people interacting.






Event Details Page


For this page we considered our information heirarchy and wanted to begin with making the emotional argument of the impact of the event followed by the logistics.


At the top we placed a compelling image to emotionally draw in our user.


Then we have a snippit of the description of the event with a link to "more" to read on.


Then we featured a testimonial to again emotionally draw in the user and compel them to sign up.


Below that we have all the logistical aspects of the event with icons to make the page easily scannable. 


Our call to action button clearly defines the action and emphasizes that the events are free.




Explore the Prototype

Travel2change connects travelers with non-profits seeking volunteers. This was a group design project through Protohack Hackathon.


User Testing


After testing the wireframes on users, I took that feedback and designed a solution.






Mood Board


This collage exercise helped me determine the visual design for the app. In transportation, many colors are already taken to indicate certain meanings, so I had to be careful about my color choice.






Adaptive Layout


This is a mockup of the design in portrait and landscape view.






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